What to Do After an Accident

Auto accidents can chop away years of quality of life and turn your world upside-down.  If you are in an accident make sure you take the following steps to avoid financial, legal, and physical aches and pains.

1.  File a Police Report:  Pain symptoms sometimes take days to set in.  A police report can provide an objective explanation of what occurred.  The absence of a police report can give the insurance companies reason for denial of claims, especially medical claims.  

2.  Exchange Insurance Information:  No matter the scale fo the accident, exchange insurance information.  Signs of injury may take a few days to appear.  Also, you will have all needed information if questions arise.

3.  Go see a Chiropractor, not just an ER or medical doctor:  ER's will take X-Rays and provide pain killers.  Perscription pain medications only address symptoms, not the root of the cause.  A chiropractor will be able to determine why and where the pain is originating from and treat it. 

4.  Do not miss appointments:  Missing appointments will slow down the healing process and can also be viewed as a reason to stop payment for your health care.  Irregular visits can make your case seem less severe than it actually is.  Be consistent with your care.

5.  Keep good records and stay organized. 

The information available on this website is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.  You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with the respect to any particular issue or problem.